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Definition of Chach

Posted by latchbeam on November 11, 2008

Some people seem to have forgotten or have never even known what the term “chach” means.  I was surprised by this, but nevertheless I will post the definition:

Chach, pronounced “chawch” (Alternative spelling: chage) 

Noun-  1) A person (usually male) who attempts to be cool but generally comes across as either an asshole and/or a total loser.  2)  Someone who has been a douche bag enough times to be considered something more irritating.  3) Worse than a douche bag.  4) Keith Olbermann.

Proper use in everyday English language:

Singular: “Yes, I agree, Keith Olbermann is definitely a chach.”

Plural: “Keith Olbermann, Roger Riney, and Al Franken are all chaches.”

5 Responses to “Definition of Chach”

  1. DownUnder said

    I think your number 2 and number three are about the same….. Maybe you should leave defining words up to Webster.

  2. LatchBeam said

    Try reading definitions from a dictionary, jackass! Almost all of them have similar meanings under a defintion. Also, good luck trying to find “chach” in a Webster’s dictionary. Maybe you should try thinking a little before you post?

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  4. ThompsonFB said

    I’m Tom and I cannot, for the life of me, remember how I found you guys. I think it was from a PC Mag, but then it might not…..

    Although UK born and bred (N. Yorkshire Dales), I enjoy following the US politics and comparing the similarities with our UK mob of politicians.

    My political views and tendencies are mostly sceptical tending to unclassifiable. Some things I’m conservative about, other things, I agree with ‘The Left’. The rest, I’m either sorta Centrist’ about, or I disagree with all of ’em… Whatever way I see it, I treat politicians with the deepest distrust, until they prove otherwise I’m new.

  5. PlunseSlelmek said

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