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Senator Al Franken

Posted by latchbeam on January 6, 2009

Let’s vote for the washed up comedian who had the shitty, left wing radio show that lost millions and millions of dollars… you know, the moron with no experience outside of comedy whatsoever.  Yes, the guy that hasn’t been funny in 15 years.  Are you F-ing kidding me?  I really would like to have a conversation with one person who actually voted for Al Franken.  Congratulations Minnesota, you cheated to elect one of the biggest chaches to walk the face of the earth.  Look for more articles making fun of the asshole of America (no pun intended toward Air America)… Minnesota!


One Response to “Senator Al Franken”

  1. What would you expect from the state that voted a fake wrestler in as their governor? Next thing you know they’ll have that Vikings mascot guy running for mayor of St. Paul.

    What are the odds that his political platform will center around raping and pillaging?

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