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Pizza Hut

Posted by latchbeam on January 19, 2009

Hey Pizza Hut… Stop it!  We know that your pasta is no where near as good as you claim it is.  Or maybe you were serving it to a room full of retards, who think the bologna sandwich with ketchup that they eat every day for lunch is awesome.  Let’s face it, you serve Kraft pasta.  The shit is microwaveable! 

Are you serious about promoting chicken wings too?  This “wing street” must have been concocted in the above mentioned room. 

Your wings suck…  Your pasta blows…  Your pizza is exactly the same as it always has been.  Please stop pissing off the foreigners by calling your restaurants, “bistros.”  Imagine their disappointment when they walk into your restaurant and see a trough of food under heat lamps…

“This is no F-ing Bistro!  Its just a F-ing Pizza Hut!”  One foreigner (may or may not have) exclaimed, when leaving a Pizza Hut.

Pizza Hut, you are not fooling anyone.  Also, please stop giving our friend, Tim, horrendous gas!


One Response to “Pizza Hut”

  1. Pizza hut’s pizza still rules. I don’t know what it is about it. As much as I want to buy local, there’s just something about that Pizza Hut pizza.

    But you’re right about the pasta. Pizza Hut, it’s embarrassing to those of us who can cook that you bring “chefs” out to tell people that their $200-per-plate meal is f’ing PH pasta.

    You’re worse than Olive Garden (but OG’s commercials are way more gay).

    Do you know what you’re saying when you say that’s so gay? Knock it off, you fag!

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