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150 Million Dollars

Posted by latchbeam on January 20, 2009

150 million dollars?  Really, 150 million dollars?  150 million dollars!  Holy shit!  That was the lamest $150,000,000 party I could ever imagine!  Only a megalomaniac would spend that much on his inauguration party… is there any other way to look at it?  I am only just starting to realize what I could have done with a 150 Mil party.

Rule #1  Set some sort of Guinness book of world record at that party (other than just spending $150 million on a party, which I’m sure its a record in itself).  I don’t care what it is… bake a huge F-ing cake or something.

Rule #2  Have it at the Playboy Mansion… or make sure all of the girls are there.  Vegas would be a good place too.

Rule #3  Make beer and liquor dispense from all fountains

Rule #4  Bartenders every 100 yards.

Rule #5  Fireworks… F the fireworks.  Just divide up all of the remaining money and give it to those who attended.


One Response to “150 Million Dollars”

  1. Oh, shit. Where were all the ho’s? When is the Presidential Caddy getting the spinners?!?

    Given what compound interest does to several trillion dollars, wouldn’t it have been wiser to spend about $140MM of that money on reducing that debt?

    You know, kind of like paying an extra $50 on a credit card. It’s actually like paying $200 when you figure what you would have paid in interest if you let it ride.

    You’ve still got a $10MM party that way.

    I look at it this way: When I’m not 100% sure I’m going to be able to make my mortgage payment on time, I don’t order a $30 pizza. I make dinner for two at home for about $5 or $10. It’s still a pretty f’ing good dinner, and most of the time it makes enough for lunch the next day.

    America, we can’t even pay our water bill, let alone the utilities or the mortgage (work with me – it’s a metaphore).

    What was all this talk about “discipline” (or “dissiprin” in Japan) during the election (or “ereckshun” in Japan)? I’d be just as pissed if McCain had won.

    What kind of f’ing example is the (Off-)White House setting for the average idiot who is $30,000 in debt by throwing this party?????

    And how the hell did they not invite Ozzy or even one really cool black person? I didn’t see Samuel L there. Was he there?

    No explosions? No Ron Jeremy? Did Bill Clinton get his $250K appearance fee (and a BJ)?

    I’ll bet most of Hollywood made it. Would have been a great day to burn that liberal hole to the ground. I wonder why Arnold didn’t arrange for that!

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