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Numb Nuts

Posted by latchbeam on May 1, 2009

I am on a personal mission to bring the phrase “numb nuts” back from obscurity. I need your help. No, I am not asking you for a donation to the charity of the week (PASF- People Against Swine Flu) or for a minute of your time, so I can read a scripted sales pitch to you… I am simply asking you to call one of your close friends a “numb nuts” when they do something stupid.

“Nice job, numb nuts!”

“Good call on that one, numb nuts…”

“You said THAT to her?  You numb nuts!”

“You better tie your shoes before you trip yourself, numb nuts.”

When was the last time you heard that phrase? Whenever it was, I bet you laughed and maybe even repeated it softly to yourself. Maybe you heard the drill sergeant from “Full Metal Jacket” call the fat dude a numb nuts?

“Private Pyle… what is your major malfunction, numb nuts?”

How could you not laugh at that? I also believe it was used again in a Miami Vice episode or two and in a Beverly Hills Cop movie.

Anywho, let’s bring it back!!! Let’s use it as part of our unsuspecting arsenal of witty names to call your friends… maybe replace one of the usages of the words douche bag or dumb ass? I mean, don’t go overboard and replace the word “chach” with “numb nuts” but please consider it a close second.  I can’t wait for you to see the look on your friend’s faces!

PLEASE, use the phrase “numb nuts” today!  You just might save the world.

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