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Posted by latchbeam on January 8, 2010

Are you freaking kidding me?!? You and your agent make your demands to your new president (Mike Homgren) 10 minutes after he arrives? You’re re-negotiating a contract that has 3 years left on it? Aren’t you a former convicted drug dealer? Joshua… you are a kick returner! You are a horrible route running wide receiver with shitty hands. You are fragile. Now you think you are worth $5 million a year?!? Fuck you “Joshua” Cribbs… Your agent is screwing you in front of everyone and you are too dumb to realize it. Grow up JACKASS… stop pretending you are the best thing to happen to the NFL, you former undrafted, drug-dealing scumbag!!! What do former convicted drug dealers usually make a year? Is 1.4 million about right? You ungrateful piece of shit… I hope you never play another down for the Cleveland Browns, you tool!


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