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Ginger McGuire

Posted by latchbeam on May 28, 2010

Hey, Ginger McGuire, the lady that fell asleep on the United Airlines airplane for hours… are you F-ing kidding me? You are trying to sue the airline because you were too lazy and/or stupid to wake up and get off of the plane?!? I just heard you on an interview and I think you may have left your personality and common sense (if you ever had any) on that plane as well.

This is basically what you said in your interview:
“Hi, my name is Ginger McGuire, and I’m suing because I am too stupid to know when to get off of the plane after it lands… the airline should be responsible, because I cannot take responsibility for myself.”

Your family and friends should be embarassed that they even know you…

Ginger McGuire Sleeping

This is how I sleep... look at me sleeping, I'm in idiot!


One Response to “Ginger McGuire”

  1. latchbeam said

    Hey Ginger McGuire… I haven’t forgotten how stupid you are!!

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